Zeevou Academy is honoured to work with companies and individuals across the world who have generously shared their valuable experiences and enriched the knowledge behind operating a short-term rental business.

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Supehog provides a tech-based AI-supported toolkit increasing booking confidence and offers comprehensive solutions for damage protection …

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Roomonitor - Zeevou


Roomonitor is a company that offers a smart noise control solution to monitor and protect short-term rental properties …

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Haynes MarComs- Zeevou Academy

Haynes MarComs

Haynes MarComs is a company that supports businesses of any scale on their marketing, sales, and customer delivery plans. With focusing on techs and…

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Air Host and Clean- Zeevou Academy

Air Host and Clean

Founded in 2018, Air Host and Clean is a management company in Liverpool. This organization offers complete and online property management…

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HotelMinder- Zeevou Academy


HotelMinder is a consulting agency that aims to help independent hoteliers to run a well-performing hotel. Addressing that, this platform provides…

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Payman club partner- Zeevou Academy

Paymán Club

Paymán Club is a provider of various staycations including serviced apartments, hotels, and short-term rentals around the UK and Europe. They offer…

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Flying Cat Marketing- Zeevou Academy

Flying Cat Marketing

Flying Cat Marketing is a content marketing agency that offers various services to Business-to-Business (B2B) software providers in the short term…

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Rental Tonic- Zeevou Academy

Rental Tonic

Rental Tonic is a professional marketing agency for holiday rentals. This agency offers a range of marketing services to vacation rental owners to…

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Boutique-Rooms- Two woman- Zeevou Academy

Boutique Rooms

Boutique Rooms is a vacation rental provider in St Neots, Huntingdon and Peterborough. The company also offers special services to corporates who…

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ComfyWorkers is a booking platform that provides accommodations for contractors and the business’s workforce. This company offers services across the…

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Airbnb Automated

Airbnb Automated is a learning space training new Airbnb hosts. This website provides various services, including some educational courses, to pass…

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Optimize Revenue- Zeevou Academy

Optimize Revenue

The Optimize Revenue team offers a range of solutions on several aspects of running a vacation rental, such as revenue management, expansion,…

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Pricelabs- Zeevou Academy


PriceLabs is a revenue management tool for short-term rentals. Offering a variety of services including dynamic pricing, market dashboards, and portfolio…

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Wheelhouse- Zeevou Academy


Wheelhouse is a revenue management software that provides data analytics for short-term rental operators. This tool offers professional vacation rental…

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Beyond Pricing- Zeevou academy


​Beyond (formerly Beyond Pricing) is a revenue management solution for short-term rental managers and owners to get, grow, and keep revenue. They offer…

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Neely Khan- Neely There- Zeevou Academy

Neely There

Neely There is a writing and editing company that provides services for different businesses. This company develops engaging contents…

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Transparent- Zeevou Academy


Transparent is a leading company in delivering data analytics for short-term rentals. This American-Spanish company provides valued data insights by…

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Mark Simpson- Boostly's CEO- Zeevou


Boosting direct bookings is a persistent concern for any vacation rental business. Boostly helps short term let businesses to find solutions to the on-going…

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