Connect to Agoda

Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager

  1. Log in to Agoda YCS.
  2. Contact Agoda Support ( to request a disconnection from your old channel manager. Make sure to include your Agoda Property ID in the request.

Connecting Agoda to Zeevou

  1. Contact Agoda Support by email, phone or by raising a ticket through their support system and ask them to connect all your properties to Zeevou. Make sure to include your Agoda Property ID in the request.
  2. Once they confirm that the connection has been initiated, complete the following steps.
  3.  In Zeevou, go to Zeevou Huts -> Properties and open the desired property in View Mode.
  4.  Look for the Channel Manager Config tab.
  5.  Look for the small + sign on the right hand side and click on it to expand the section.
  6.  Click on Select Channel on the right, then select Agoda. Finally, click on the + button.
  7.  Under Channel Hotel ID paste the Agoda Property ID.
  8.  Under Rate select Sell Rate.
  9.  Under Status select Inactive.
  10.  Click on Save.
  11.   Click on the Map action on the right.
  12.   From the Select Rateplan dropdown choose the applicable rate.
  13.  A pop-up screen will appear. Under Channel Room Name select your Room Name as set on Agoda.
  14.  Agoda supports Occupancy Based pricing. Agoda supports 1 person rate, 2 person rate. The 3 person rate is not actually for 3 people, but for your minimum number of guests included in the rate (we know – it doesn’t make any sense!).
  15. In the field that contains the number 1, you can increase the rate that is being sent out. For example, to add 15% to the price, change the 1 to 1.15.
  16.  Under Extra Adult/Child/Bed set your extra guest prices.
  17.  Click on Save.
  18.  You should get a confirmation message saying Room Successfully Mapped.
  19.  After mapping all your room types, click on Channel Mapping on the top right.
  20.  Click on the Key symbol in the row of Agoda. On the pop-up screen that appears, click on the > and then change the Status from Inactive to Active.
  21.  Future bookings for Expedia are not imported automatically. Please create them manually in Zeevou or use the Booking Import Instructions.
Last updated on 7 July 2020
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