Connect to HomeAway/ Vrbo

  • Please note that you cannot have a 2way API connection if you have less than five listings on HomeAway. In that case, you have to connect via iCal. (Please read Exporting iCal links and Importing iCal Links)

 Before you begin mapping, we recommend you have the following information ready. 

  1. Descriptions – If you already have a listing with Homeaway, recommend to copy information from extranet 
  2. Listing features – Sports & Adventure, View, Attractions, Leisure Activities, Local Features 
  3. Payment Type 
  4. Cancellation policy 
  5. House Rule Agreement – PDF format 
  6. Images 

Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager

  1.  You should contact HomeAway account manager to understand terms and changes (if any) before proceeding.
  2. When property is ready, proceed with onboarding steps.

Connecting HomeAway/ Vrbo to Zeevou

  1. During the onboarding period, the connection is NOT live.
  2. In Zeevou, go to Listings -> Properties and open the desired property in View Mode.
  3.  Look for the Channel Manager Config tab.
  4.  Look for the small + sign on the right hand side and click on it to expand the section.
  5. Click on Select Channel on the right, then select HomeAway. Finally, click on the + button.
  6.  Select the number of people included in the prices that you have set in your rates in the Number of Pax field.
  7. In the two fields right to the right of it, you can increase the rate that is being sent out. For example, to add 15% to the price, change the 1 to 1.15 and add 0.
  8. Select the rate and click on Next.
  9. A new window pops up.
  10.  For brand new mapping you should select ‘New Profile’.
  11. For the rest of your listings, you should select ‘Connect with existing Profile’. **Conditions applies – properties must be linked to the same chain ID 
  12. Follow prompts and complete information as required. Then click NEXT to move to next section.
  13. Important: in the Fees section, if there are applicable extra guests charges, the ‘applicable guest’ count must be entered. The ‘max guest’ count is not editable. This information is based on listing setup.
  14. When completed, on the last section ‘Payment Terms’, click ‘Finish’.
  15. Once completed, you should contact HomeAway account manager or fill in lead form , Provide advertiser ID to HomeAway. (you can find the ID by clicking on Map in front of HomeAway, Click on Edit. You can find the Advertiser ID on the new popped up window).
  16. HomeAway on boarding team will review setup together with property. Once both parties are happy, HomeAway will activate listing. Integration for property goes live in channel manager
  17. HomeAway will advise Zeevou once listing goes live.

Last updated on 15 October 2020
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