Create a Unit Type

We suggest you choose a Short Name for each Property – perhaps the initial of the words, and adding that to the name of each unit type and unit within that property. 

  • This will allow you to distinguish unit types or units that may otherwise appear the same. To give you an example, you could have Cambridge City Apartments (CCA), CCA-1 Bed, CCA-01. You may wish to adopt a more complex notation for the unit type, for example CCA-1B1B-4-1ZL1SB could stand for Cambridge City Apartments – 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom – Sleeps 4 – 1 Zip & Link Bed, 1 Sofabed. This conveys most of the information about the Unit Type that you could need and will be displayed in various parts of the system such as various multi-unit calendars or in the rate setting under Zeevou Sell. Short Names are only viewed by the users and the guests can not see them.
  • Open the Property you created in View Mode, and create the Unit Types (e.g. 1-bedroom apartment) for that Property. You can’t use the same Unit Type name for more than one property – if you want to call them the same thing, add the property’s short name before the Unit Type name.
  •  Open the Unit Types you created in View Mode, add all the necessary information, and then create Units (e.g. CCA-01 unit with the door number on it) within the Unit Type

The important things besides the red asterix’s you should add at the Unit Type level are here.

Last updated on 7 July 2020
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