Edit a Property Page

The description for the property page(s) are set in Zeevou Huts -> Properties. Edit the property and enter the brief and full descriptions. Add any images that relate to the Property as a whole. You can add images of individual units to the unit level. If it is a single unit property, you can add all the images to the property level if you wish (just bear in mind that you may wish to create a distinction from now if in the future you may acquire additional units at the same property). Tick all the Amenities that apply to the property as a whole.

For any amenities specific to certain unit types, you can enter these by visiting Zeevou Huts -> Unit Types, clicking on Edit, and then on Show Advanced at the bottom of the page. The marketing name should also be set for each unit type, as this will display on the website.

In Zeevou Huts -> Units, Edit the unit and you can add/edit images of the unit.
All images of property’s units are presented in property page on your website.

Last updated on 14 July 2020
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