Link to Sagepay

– Visit Zeevou Set -> Organisation Configuration and select your payment processing system(s).

– Edit the relevant SagePay or Worldpay Online integration that you have decided to work with (if you are only using Worldpay as the merchant account, select SagePay).

– Sign up with Sagepay for their payment gateway and provide them with the merchant numbers once you get them from your selected merchant service provider. 

You need to ask them to:

  1. Set the account to live immediately, there’s no need for the testing environment (we have already completed the testing, we don’t need to test each account separately. If their support team tell you this is not possible, email and let him know that you are a Zeevou customer – he’ll sort it for you).
  2. Activate tokens on your account (to enable the pre-authorisations to work)
  3. Activate the “Defer” option on your account.
  4. Activate the “Release” option on your account.

– Log in to your Sagepay account. Make sure to activate a 3D rule in Sagepay according to these steps. It may take a few days before you can see this option in your Sagepay account.

– Follow the steps at to obtain the Integration Key and Integration Password. Ignore the last part about “Authentication”. Enter these in Zeevou in the third column under Value. 

– Under URL Value enter

– The default admin user that you’re given for Sagepay will not allow you to view transactions. If you want to be able to check on fraud warnings in more detail than what we are passed back by SagePay and are able to display on Zeevou, you need to create a secondary user in SagePay and grant them permission to view the transactions.

Last updated on 7 July 2020
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