Nightly/ Weekly/ Monthly Rate Plans and Rates

By default Nightly Rates is available for your organisation; however, in Settings -> Organisation Configuration, you can enable Weekly and Monthly Rates as well.
Please note that only Nightly Rate Plans and Rates can be mapped with OTAs at the moment. Weekly and Monthly Rate Plans and Rates can only be applied to your Zeevou booking engine for direct bookings.
Weekly/ Monthly Rate Plans help you to provide your guests with more suitable rates and deposits when they want to book for a week or month.

In Rates-> Rate Plans, click on Create Rate Plan button. You need to choose a Name, specify the Type, set the Min Guests, Default Rate, Max Guests, and Extra Guest Fee. Based on the rate plan type, Min Stay get populated automatically. For Max Stay, the maximum possible stay is 999 that can be reduced if you wish. Staah Plan ID need to be set only if the rate plan is Nightly and want to be mapped through Staah. Then, Property and Unit Type of the plan should be determined. You can set a Description for the Rate Plan. Security Deposit Amount of this rate plan can be specified. Please note that only one Rate Plan can be Marked As Default for each Unit Type.
Then you need to specify where should the rate plan be applied to. Please note that only Nightly Rate Plans can be applied to Zeevou Channels.

In Rates-> Rates, you can create new rates for specified nights/weeks/months. The rates you create here will override all your previously created rate plans in Property, Unit Type, and Rate Plans. Before clicking on Create button, please make sure you have chosen the right Rate Plan Type (Nightly/ Weekly/ Monthly).
– The Create button for weekly or monthly will be available only when you have created at lease one weekly or monthly rate plan type in your Unit Type or Rate Plans.

If you want to create rates for your Monthly Rate Plans. In Rates > Rates, choose Monthly type and in the opened page, click on Create Monthly Rate button.

In Create Monthly Rate page, you need to choose the rate plan in the left column. The rates of the selected rate plans will be overridden by the rates you set in the right column.
– Please note that since this is Monthly rates, the rates of whole selected months will be overridden.
After choosing the Rate Plan, you need to fill From-To fields (that will include at lease one month). The data you insert in three below fields: Monthly Rate, Min Stay, and Max Stay will be applied for all selected months. Otherwise, you can customise Rate, Min Stay, and Max Stay for each month separately by inserting data in the related boxes of that month.
At the right bottom of the page, there is an Add button that let you create another set of details for the same Rate plan.

Last updated on 11 October 2020
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