How to Take Payments for Direct Bookings

Did you know that the vast majority of short term rental owners pay the 15%-30% of their nightly rates as commission to Online Travel Agencies and property listing sites? Even so, to win the competition in the over-saturated market of OTAs, you have to pay a larger portion of your revenue to appear as special

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COVID-19 Cancellations: How to Deal with Refunds

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has largely impacted the hospitality industry. The flow of bookings into hotels and serviced apartments, i.e. vacation rentals, has remarkably changed, nosedived in different countries in light of the unpredictable situations caused by the coronavirus outbreak and the more severe lockdowns and crackdowns initiated by governments.  Travel restrictions have

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How to Automate Security Deposits for Direct Bookings

How to automate security deposits is a question that applies in more than one situation. Firstly, it could apply to bookings that come through channels like or Expedia. In such cases, the channel does not provide the host with an option to automate the management of security deposits. More importantly, it also applies to

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