Booking Process

Check-In Ready

Check-In Ready

Check-In Ready Effortlessly orchestrate guest check-ins and embrace seamless operations with Zeevou’s Check-In Ready feature. Book a free demo Your Key to Ultimate Check-In Control! The Check-In Ready feature offers a visual monitoring system displaying the progress of every guest’s check-in. Using a colour-coded system, guests’ statuses are represented by vibrant green, yellow, or red, […]

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E-Signature Rental Agreement

E-signature Rental Agreement

E-signature Rental Agreement Set your customised terms and conditions with Zeevou’s e-signature rental agreement feature for free and speed up the booking confirmation process! Book a free demo Customise the Default Content Hosts can write their customised content for the e-signature rental agreement. They can put dynamic variables such as guest name, check-in/out dates, and

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