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We provide you with Premium Support because we are fully aware that our success depends on yours.
Premium Support

We understand your challenges...

All too often we hear stories of hosts – be they large-scale vacation rental managers or operators of multiple serviced apartments across several aparhotels – that their current PMS or Channel Manager leaves a lot to desire. In many cases, it may not even be a lack of features that they are upset about, but rather the level of support that they are getting.

With software providers moving their offerings to the cloud, even basic training has flown out of the window in many cases. While the offering is usually referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service), the service component seems to be missing in many cases. Ongoing support can be very weak or non-existent, and interactions with one’s software provider may leave you with a bad taste. This is especially the case when feedback on existing features or requests for improving the system are met with disdain, haughtiness, and arrogance.

How Can Zeevou's Premium Support Help?

At Zeevou we are fully aware that as brilliant a product as we may have developed, it is worthless to a hospitality provider unless it comes coupled with Premium Support. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of all our Patrons are met. As a result, following sign-up each Patron is assigned a Partner Success Manager, who acts as an account manager and is always at hand to offer support and guidance on how to get the most out of Zeevou, even following the initial onboarding and trainig period.

Zeevou’s onboarding is undertaken over multiple video calls, until you feel that you have got to know the system and are happy to continue using it on your own. Even beyond this, we are never difficult to reach. You can contact your Partner Success Manager over WhatsApp for any queries, and can report bugs or submit requests for new features directly from within Zeevou by Raising a Hand.

Our monthly Partner Host Forums are also an excellent opportunity for you to provide your feedback on our recently released features. Moreover, you can give your input as to what features you would like to see being worked on in the future. We take this feedback into account to continuously improve our product and offering, and prioritise our roadmap in light of it.

Our Team are conscious that our success is only thanks to the success of our Patron Hosts, and we are thus all committed to trying to meet your needs as best as we can. If we can help you succeed, we will also succeed, and together we can bring about The Direct Booking Revolution!

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