How do I enter details around how I work with investors?

On the left hand menu, find Zeevou Souls. First, set up the Investor Profile. Then, set up a Deal Template. If it’s a management deal, set the % splits. If it’s a R2R, just save a Deal Template called Fixed Rent Inc/Exc Bills. Then go to Investor Deal and create a new deal. You can enter the rental amount here if it’s a fixed rent/mortgage amount per month. Invoicing options:

  1. Proxy: This is for management deals where you are invoicing guests on behalf of the investor and then keep your cut from the investor for your management services at the end of the month.
  2. TOMS: This is a special VAT scheme for EU countries.
  3. This is the normal invoicing method if you are the entity that’s invoicing the guest directly and VAT applies on your total turnover.

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