How to change rates or Min Stay on Rates and Availability Calendar?

If you want to change the rates, Min Stay or Max Stay for one night or a few nights, you can select the date or dates on the Rates and Availability Calendar and click on them. A window pops up, and you can enter the new amount.

If you want to change the rates for a long period of time, click on Create Rate. Choose the unit or units you want to change the rates, min stay or Max stay. You can set different rates, min stay or max stay for different days of the week. If you click on Add you can enter the rate for another period of time. Then Save and Close. The rates, Min Stay and Max Stay will be synced automatically with channels and the website.

Please note that if you just want to change the rate, you can leave min stay and max stay empty.

If you want to check what rates, min stay or max stay is being sent to channels, please go to Zeevou Sell -> Rates and Availability Calendar.

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