What are the status of security deposit?

There are Five status for security deposit: Saved Card, Not- authourised, Pre-authourised, Released, and Captured.
Saved Card is shown when guests have agreed to use the same card details, they used for payment, for deposits. Their card details will be saved in the system and deposit will be authourised on the specified date.
Not-authourised is shown when deposit has not been authourised.
Pre-authourised is shown when deposit is authourised. This step will be done based on the details you have set in Settings/ Organisation Configuration/ Deposit Timeline.
In setting your preferred details in Org Config please note that base on the payment gateway you are using there may be some default setting for automatically releasing the deposit.
For example, Stripe deposits are automatically released after 7 days. Thus, if you set Pre- Authourisation Point on booking date, depends on the interval between Pre-Authourisation and guest arrival, you may have authourised or released deposits when guests arrive.
Released is shown when you do not capture all or part of the deposit and it is returned to the guest account. Deposit are released based on your setting in Settings/ Organisation Configuration/ Deposit Timeline.
Captured is shown when you capture all or part of guest deposit. You can capture the deposit in the booking view page through Finance button.

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