Why housekeeping tasks were not assigned automatically?

System assigns cleaning tasks only when all below conditions are met:
– Cleaner profile has been created in Zeevou Souls/ Zeevou Staff profiles
– The property is assigned to the cleaner in view mode of Cleaner Profile

– Calendar Template of cleaner is filled in Edit mode of cleaner profile and it is saved. This calendar shows the time cleaner is available to do the tasks.
– In Zeevou Huts/ Properties, housekeeper is added to the property.

Please note that server begins to assign housekeeping tasks automatically 10 days or less before their start date.
If you would like to reassign a task manually, please find the task in Zeevou Do/ Upcoming Housekeeping Schedule (limited to next week tasks) or Zeevou Do/ Housekeeping Schedule  (include all tasks), click on reassign option, make the changes, and save them.

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