Push your guests’ data to HubSpot, create a GDPR-compliant CRM of your contacts, track sales and marketing campaigns, and send out emails.

Have Efficient Communication Using Zeevou's Integration with Slack


Manage the communications between your team members as effortlessly as possible, send messages, share documents and more with Zeevou and Slack integration.

Zeevou's Integration with Google Sheet through Zapier

Google Sheets

Integrate Zeevou with Google Sheets with a few clicks, visualise and analyse data in more depth, and optimise strategies if necessary.

Zeevou's integration with Google Contacts through Zapier

Google Contacts

Connect Zeevou’s Guest Profiles with Google Contacts, add a personal touch to your communications, and covert more of your guests into direct bookers.

Asana- Logo- Zeevou


Bring everything your team needs to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate the tasks, and stay organised and connected.

Google Calendar

Set up various triggers on Zapier to connect Zeevou to Google Calendar, and never again miss an upcoming event or task.

Mailchimp logo- Zeevou


Integrate your Zeevou guest profiles with Mailchimp, run regular email campaigns or automated workflows, and get more direct bookings.

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