Before Connecting

Once you have taken care of all the steps above and have entered the necessary bookings, you can start linking up your channels. When setting up, we can import your bookings from Airbnb and for you. However, the bookings from Airbnb at setup point are only pushed across twice a day – at 12 noon and 3 am GMT+1. To avoid double bookings, turn off all your other channels and first connect to Airbnb. Once you have ensured that all the future bookings have imported, connect to (if you use these channels of course). Those bookings should flow in relatively fast. You can then link up the rest of the channels that you wish to use. We do not create listings for you. You need to sign up with the channels and create your listings. Once done, you can hook them up to Zeevou Channels. We will sync your rates & availability and retrieve your bookings. After connecting a channel, wait for a few minutes, then check to make sure that rates & availability are being pushed across correctly.

If you change the Number of Guests included in Price in Zeevou, a new rate will be created for that unit type, and you will need to go back into Zeevou Channels to remap that unit type to all your channels.


Before connecting to channels make sure you:

  1. Have created all your properties.
  2. Set a rate of double your usual amount with a 30 night min stay (this will avoid double bookings until everything has been fully set up as Airbnb booking imports only happen twice a day the first time you connect) up to the end of Dec 2021.
  3. Added all your non-Airbnb and future bookings (we will import the ones from Airbnb and that already exist for the future).
  4. Temporarily turn off the Booking Confirmation Steps email trigger from the Guest Notification Index until all your existing bookings have imported from Airbnb and Remember to turn it back on once done.
  5. Make sure to follow this sequence of connections if you use Airbnb and, or you WILL get double bookings!
    1. Connect Airbnb as per the steps below. Please note that Airbnb only allows for one unit of each unit type to be connected to a channel manager, so for the rest of them you need to use iCal and control the pricing manually. You also need to import the bookings for any additional non-connected units manually or using the Bulk Import functionality.
    2. Connect and finalise the mapping. DON’T set the connection to Active yet.
    3. Check that all your Airbnb bookings have imported correctly. If there are any issues with imported bookings, make sure those are resolved first or you block the dates manually for any bookings that haven’t imported. Remember that existing Airbnb bookings only import twice a day the first time you connect.
    4. Set your to Active (under the Key symbol) and make sure all your bookings import successfully.
    5. Enter your real rates.
  6. You’re now ready to connect any other channels that you want to use. If Zeevou does not have an API integration with them, you can copy the iCal link from the Unit Type list under Listings and import that into the third party site.
  7. After connecting a channel, always make sure to go into the calendar on the channel and check that your rates and availability are pushing across as expected.


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