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Connect to Expedia from Zeevou

Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager

  1. Log in to the Expedia Partner Central.
  2. Click on Rooms and Rates on the menu on the left.
  3. Click on Connectivity Settings.
  4. Click on Disconnect next to your old channel manager’s name.
  5. You may be required to confirm a code sent to you by SMS/email.

Connecting Expedia to Zeevou

  1. Choose Zeevou as your new provider. Check both the box for both Availability & Booking Retrieval, then click on Submit.
  2. One the left menu, click on Room types and rate plans.
  3. Copy your 8-digit Hotel ID from Expedia (you can find it on the top-right hand corner of the page).
  4.  In Zeevou, go to Listings -> Properties and open the desired property in View Mode.
  5.  Look for the Channel Manager Config tab.
  6. Click on Open and a new popup window opens.
  7.  Click on Select Channel on the right, then select Expedia. Finally, click on the + button.
  8.  Under Channel Hotel ID paste the Expedia Hotel ID that you copied earlier.
  9.  Under Rate pricing, select Occupancy Based if you use Extra Guest pricing. Make sure that your Expedia account is also set up for Occupancy Based pricing, or the connection will fail otherwise. If you use Room Based pricing, that means you charge the same amount regardless of how many people are going to stay. Again, this needs to match your setup in Expedia if selected.
  10.  Under Rate select Sell Rate.
  11.  Under Status select Inactive.
  12.  Click on Save.
  13.   Click on the Map action on the right.
  14.   From the Select Rate plan dropdown choose the applicable rate. If you have more than one rate plan in Expedia, you should ask their support to connect them to the rate plan you want to map to Zeevou. Otherwise, they won’t be updated.
  15.  A pop-up screen will appear. Under Channel Room Name select your Room Name as set on Expedia. Don’t select the Package option.
  16.  Next, select the number of guests included in the base price under Applicable No of Guest for Room Based pricing. If you are using Occupancy Based pricing, click on + to add an additional row for each occupancy level. Don’t change anything for the rows up to your minimum number of guests. Above that, add the extra guest pricing as compared to your base rate for the number of guests included in your base rate. So, for example, if your price is set for 4 people and the 5th and 6th person have to pay an extra 30 GBP, set +30 for 5 and +60 for 6.
  17.  In the field that contains the number 1, you can increase the rate that is being sent out. For example, to add 15% to the price, change the 1 to 1.15.
  18.  Click on Save.
  19.  You should get a confirmation message saying Room Successfully Mapped.
  20.  After mapping all your room types, click on Channel Mapping on the top right.
  21.  Click on the Key symbol in the row of Expedia. On the pop-up screen that appears, click on the > and then change the Status from Inactive to Active.

Future bookings for Expedia are not imported automatically. Please create them manually in Zeevou or use the Booking Import Instructions.


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