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Create a Unit

Once created the Property and the Unit Type please go to Unit Types at view mode and scroll down to see Add Unit and Bulk Create Unit. Add Unit helps you add a single unit, Bulk Create Unit helps you create multiple units for the same Unit Type. If you are to create a single unit please click on Add Unit, add the name at the popup and please click Save, the rest of the profile should be filled at Listings – Units. If you are to add multiple units please click Bulk Create Unit, The Prefix is to identify the Unit Type it belongs to, so if you are creating a unit for a Double Deluxe Room you can add DDR as a prefix. Number of Digits is to give numbers to the rooms, you can say you have 10 units of the same unit type and the digit can be 2 (which allows you to add up to number 99), if you would like to have a “0” before the room number you can choose 3 as the number of digits and it would look as 001, 002, 003… 010. These can only be viewed by you and your staff. Start From is to determine the number you would like to start from, hotels do use 3 digits and they start with 101 as the first room on the first floor, and they increase them by the levels of the building (2nd floor starts with 2, 3rd floor starts with 3). Count should be the number of the units you have of this unit type, so if you have 3 rooms the count is 3 and 10 if you have 10 rooms.

how to create a unit on zeevou

Once added the Unit or Bulk Units please remember to Save.

After saving the changes please proceed to Listings Units. Click in the created unit and you may start entering the specific information such as wifi details and access code.

Creating a Unit, the important details you should fill besides the red Asterix’s are here.


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