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Create an Investor Deal

In order to create an investor deal for a property, you need to create an investor profile for the property and have a deal template.

1. How to Create an Investor Profile:

In order to create an investor profile, go to Users -> Zeevou Investor -> Profiles -> Create Investor.

  • You can give access to the investor by selecting “Create User”. Then, you can create a username (the email address of the owner) and a password for the investor.
  • There are two types of access: Financials Only View Access and Financials & Guest Data View Access.
  • Enter all the details and save.
  • In the profile, if you select “Custom Payment Gateway”, you can enter the details of the investor’s payment gateway, so that the payments go straight to this account. You can choose whether you want to use this gateway for the payments or security deposit in the Investor Deal.

2. How to Create a Deal Template:

In order to create a deal template, go to Users -> Zeevou Investor -> Deal Template -> Create Deal Template. Choose a name that explains the deal, eg. 12% Management Fee.

In Profits and Expenses, you can set whom the Deal Element is charged to and the Host’s and Investor’s percentages. If you cannot find the Deal Element you have in mind, you can add it in Setting-> Deal Elements.

Create an Investor Deal in Zeevou

By using the formula given, for example (BOOKING_TOTAL_PRICE – CHECKIN – OTA_COMMISSION) * 12/100, you can set how to calculate the management fee per booking which is used in the financial reports.

3. How to Set Investor Deals

In order to set the investor deal, Go to Users -> Zeevou Investors -> Investor Deal -> Create Deal.

  1. Choose the units that the deal affects.
  2. Choose the Investor.
  3. Choose the Deal Template.
  4. Choose the Invoice Method. You can choose Proxy for management deals, TOMS for Rent to Rent deals that run under TOMS, and Normal if the other two don’t apply. When you choose Proxy, on the invoice it is written, “This invoice has been issued by Organisation on behalf of the property owner.” If you use TOMS, it is written, “This property and supplies are subject to TOMS (Tours Margin Scheme). As such, no VAT is charged to you as the customer.”
  5. Choose the beginning and end date of the deal.
  6. If there is a fixed rent or management fee, enter the amounts and choose the currency.
  7. Choose the Income Tax Schema and Expense Tax Schema from the dropdown – if you have not created these yet, you can do so in Setting on the main menu.
  8. If you want the booking payments and deposits be processed through the investor’s payment gateway, select the boxes. Use Investor Custom Gateway For Payments, Use Investor Custom Gateway For Deposit

Create an Investor Deal in Zeevou



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