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This document serves both Zeevou Evangelists (free plan users) as well as Zeevou Patrons.

By signing up as an Evangelist, you can list on the communal platform (Zeevou Direct) to receive direct bookings while retaining control of your business. You also get your very own website for free, where you can take bookings, add custom pages, as well as a blog

Zeevou offers an advanced suite of products including an award-winning Channel Manager and Property Management System which come at a cost. Some features are not available if you have only signed up as an Evangelist. To become a Zeevou Patron, click on your username on the top right-hand corner of Zeevou Hub and click on My Contract.

For Zeevou Direct, all you need to do is create a country, a city, and add your properties, unit types and units as explained under Setting up Zeevou below. If you wish to also get your own site for direct bookings, you should also follow the steps under Settings of Website. The integrations available to you are limited to payment processing gateways (Stripe, Sagepay, Worldpay Online), dynamic pricing tools (Beyond Pricing, PriceLabs), Signable and KeyNest.

PS: We are a family-run business with no outside funding, and as such operate on a tight budget. Should you wish to support our endeavours in helping all Evangelists get more direct bookings, we appreciate donations of any size. To make a one-off or a recurring donation, click here.


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This document serves both Zeevou Evangelists (free plan users) as well as Zeevou Patrons. By

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