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Link to ClickSend

  • In Setting-> SMS Panel Config, click on Create button.
  • In the opened page you can set any Title for your SMS Panel.
  • Make sure you are filling the next three fields with your ClickSend login details.
  • If you have a number in ClickSend, set it in From box.
    Also, you can set a name up to maximum 8 characters for From filed. The characters can be either numbers or alphabets.
  • You can set any detail in Description box.
  • Click on Save and Close button.

Link to ClickSend from Zeevou

– Please note that to send the notification though SMS to guests, you need to first set the SMS Panel Config.
– Triggers and notifications are sent to recipients only if their numbers follow this format:
(+)(Country Code)(Mobile Number)
Example: +18889990000
– Please make sure the carriers of the recipient country support alphanumeric sender ID.


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