Link to PayPal

Step 1: Visit Settings -> Organisation Configuration and select PayPal as your payment processing system(s).

Step 2: Register with PayPal by following this link and complete your sign-up process to have a live account.

Step 3: Log in to your PayPal account.

Link to PayPal

Step 4: Click on my Apps and Credentials on the dashboard.

Link to PayPal

Step 5: Click on the Live tab on top. Then, click on the Create App button.

Link to PayPal


Step 6: Type Zeevou in the box and click on Create App button.

Link to PayPal


Step 7: Then in Zeevou Hub, go to Integrations > Integrations and click on PayPal.

Zeevou integraions- Link to PayPal

Step 8: Create Integration


If you are connecting your organisation’s account and not an investor’s choose Organisation. 

Integration Parameters:

  1. Copy the value from the Client ID row, and paste it in the Zeevou hub in front of the Client ID row.
  2. Then, click on the Show button under the Secret, and copy the value from the row and paste in in front of Client Secret in Zeevou.
  3. Save!

Link to PayPal

Link to PayPal

Your PayPal should now be connected.


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