Set your Rates

Rates will have been automatically set for you based on the Default Rate you set when you created the Unit Type. You can override these rates manually or import them from Beyond Pricing or PriceLabs. If you want to set specific rates for certain dates, go to Pricing -> Rates & Availability -> Rates.

Creating Nightly Rates:

Step 1. To create rates for your Nightly Rate Plans, in Pricing-> Rates & Availability ->Rates, choose Nightly type on top left.
Step 2. Click on Create Nightly Rate button.

Step 3. On the opened page, you need to Select the nightly rate plan that you wish to define rates for in the left column.

Note: The rates of the selected rate plans will be overridden by the rates you set in the right column.

Step 4. In the right column, you need to fill From and To fields.
The data you insert in fields: Rate, Extra Guest Rate, Min Stay, and Max Stay will be applied for all selected nights. Also, you if you tick Close To Arrival, Close to Departure, and Stop Sell, all selected nights will be affected.
Otherwise, you can customise RateExtra Guest RateMin Stay, and Max Stay for each day of a week separately by inserting data in the related boxes of that days. In addition, you can determine whether you would like a specific day of a week preferred to be Closed To Arrival, and/or Close To Departure, and/or Stop Sell.

If you check Closed To Arrival,  guests’ arrivals cannot be set for the selected day of week  in the selected From-To. 
If you check Closed To Departure, guests’ departures cannot be set for the selected day of week  in the selected From-To. 
If you check Stop Sell, guests cannot book the selected day of week  in the selected From-To. 

Step 5. At the right bottom of the page, there is an Add button that let you create another set of details for the same Rate plan.

Step 6. Finally, click on Save and Close button on top right.



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