Advanced Features

Well done! If you have got to this point you have set up the most important features of Zeevou. Should you wish to set up some of our more advanced features, take a look at this section.

Unified Inbox in App.zeevou.com

Unified Inbox lets you manage all your communications in app.zeevou.com. Read more about Zeevou’s Unified Inbox feature here. The Unified Inbox gives you access to emails, SMS, and channel communications from one central login. Search bar:  When you open Zeevou’s Unified inbox, you can search for a guest by name. Folders: You can view the …

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Performance Reports 

Performance landing page Structure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) When you open the Performance page, five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are displayed with numbers and charts: Revenue (The Total Channel Sales minus Taxes) Profit (The difference between Income and Expense) ADR (The Division of Revenue by Occupied Units) Occupancy (The Division of Occupied Units by Available …

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Document Upload

You can add fields with custom descriptions to collect IDs from guests. To do so: 1- Go to General Info -> Person Booking and turn on Document Upload. Note: You can also go to Guest Info to turn it on for Lead Guest or Additional Guests (Adults/Children). 2- When you click on Add Item, a …

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Create a Group Booking

  Booking Wizard Structure   Search Bar: You can book more than one location via Group Booking. Tour requests or regular bookings are a couple of good examples. To do so, you can click the + (Plus) icon to Create a Booking and a window opens for you to search based on the Location, Check-in, …

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Create Upsells

Creating Upsells In order to create Upsells, go to Pricing -> Add-on Type -> Upsells. Then,  click on Create Upsell on the top right. Insert the required information shown with asterisks. You may specify the property and upload an image if you wish. Finally, click Save and Close. Upsells on Confirmation Page Guests can choose …

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Bilingual Templates

The bilingual templates feature provides you with an opportunity to send out automated emails to guests based on their nationality. All existing default templates are in English; however, hosts can add other languages to a template themselves. At this stage, German can be added to the templates. In order to have bilingual templates, you need …

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Rate Rules

If you want your Rate Plans (Rate, Min Stay, Max Stay, and Availability) to be changed automatically, you can define certain rules which we call Rate Rules. To create a Rate Rule, you should complete the Period, during which the Rate Rule is active, the Conditions, based on which the Actions are applied to the rates, …

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Import your Emails

You can import your emails to Zeevou in three access levels: Staff, Team, and Brand. Each level provides different levels of access for a staff member, all team members, and all organization Office Staff. Thus, for privacy issues, it is very important that you apply the level you really want. For Staff: 1. In Contacts …

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Create an Investor Deal

In order to create an investor deal for a property, you need to create an investor profile for the property and have a deal template. 1. How to Create an Investor Profile: In order to create an investor profile, go to Contacts -> Investors -> Profiles -> Create Investor. You can give access to the …

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Cross-linking Unit Types

To link the availability of one Unit Type to another you can easily perform this in your Zeevou account.  This is helpful if you are allowing guests to book either individual rooms or the entire property. First, raise a hand and ask the iCal Link from the support for the Unit Type that you want …

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Embed Zeevou iFrame into your website HTML

In Marketing -> Design Customisation, click on Search Widget button and Copy iFrame. Pasting this iFrame in a Source Code of any website, the search engine of your Zeevou domain will become available there.

Rates & Availability Calendar

In Calendar -> Rates & Availability Calendar, you have access to the list of your Properties, Unit Types, their Rate Plans, Rates, and availability. At the right bottom of the page, there is a guide that shows the Occupancy Level of your unit types. – The first line, in front of the Unit Type name, …

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Expenses refer to all expenses created for a booking, property or unit. When they are set in booking page or Finances->Expenses, they will be reflected in Monthly Profit Report and can be posted to Xero. Expense Type In Settings-> Finance -> Expenses Type, you can click on Create Expenses Type button on the top right …

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Housekeeping Mobile App

The mobile app lets housekeepers see the lists of their tasks, start and complete them. They can add images, videos, issues, and notes for a property they have already cleaned up. They also can request leaves. Installing Mobile App: Note: Please open this page on your mobile phone and then proceed. For Android: You can …

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Set up Automated Emails

In order to set up automated emails, please go to Inbox – Templates and go through the Templates you are planning to use. We have many templates at your disposal and there are 4 or 5 main templates you can use as given here. At Trigger Rules please select the rules you would like to …

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