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Advanced Features

Well done! If you have got to this point you have set up the most important features of Zeevou. Should you wish to set up some of our more advanced features, take a look at this section.

Messaging API

Some channels (such as Airbnb) support Messaging API that let hosts and guests send messages to each other. The notifications of the channels that support API messaging will be available in Zeevou, in the related Property and/or Booking page, under Activities section. You can reply to the notification within Zeevou too. Your replies will be …

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Import your Emails

You can import your emails to Zeevou in three access levels: Staff, Team, and Brand. Each level provides different levels of access for a staff member, all team members, and all organization Office Staff. Thus, for privacy issues, it is very important that you apply the level you really want. For Staff: 1. In Users …

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Cross-linking Unit Types

To link the availability of one Unit Type to another you can easily perform this in your Zeevou account.  This is helpful if you are allowing guests to book either individual rooms or the entire property. First, we will get the iCal Link for the source Unit Type that we want to reduce availability for …

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Create an Investor Deal

In order to create an investor deal for a property, you need to create an investor profile for the property and have a deal template. 1. How to Create an Investor Profile: In order to create an investor profile, go to Users -> Zeevou Investor -> Profiles -> Create Investor. You can give access to …

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Embed Zeevou iFrame into your website HTML

In Settings -> Design Customisation, click on Search Widget button and Copy iFrame. Pasting this iFrame in a Source Code of any website, the search engine of your Zeevou domain will become available there.

Housekeeping Mobile App

Mobile app lets housekeepers see the lists of their tasks, start and complete them. They can add images, videos, issues, and notes for a property they have already cleaned up. They also can request for leaves. Installing Mobile App: For Android: You can install the housekeeping mobile app for Android from this link. You can …

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Expenses refer to all expenses created for a booking, property or unit. When they are set in booking page or Finances->Expenses, they will be reflected in Monthly Profit Report and can be posted to Xero. Expense Type In Settings-> Expenses Type, you can click on Create Expenses Type button on the top right of the …

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