Connecting to Channels

Once you have done steps 1 and 2, you are ready to connect to other channels! Whether you are an Evangelist or a Patron, we have got you covered!

Before Connecting

Before connecting to channels: Step 1: Create all your properties. Step 2: Add all your non-Airbnb and non-Booking.com future bookings (we will import the ones from Airbnb and Booking.com that already exist for the future). Step 3: Temporarily turn off the Booking Confirmation Steps email trigger from the Guest Notification Index until all your existing …

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Connect to Airbnb

Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager Step 1:If you are currently using another channel manager, you need to first disconnect that from your account. To do so, log in to your Airbnb account. Step 2: Click on your profile picture on the top right hand corner of the screen and select Account from the dropdown menu. …

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Connect to Booking.com

Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager Step 1: Log in to your Booking.com Extranet. Step 2: Click on Account on the top right-hand corner and then Connectivity Provider. Step 3: If your listing is connected to another channel manager, click on the Switch to a new channel manager button. You may be required to confirm a …

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Connect to HomeAway/Vrbo

Please note that you may not have access to 2way API connection if you have less than five listings on HomeAway in some countries based on VRBO/HomeAway’s Policy.  In that case, you have to connect via iCal. (Please read Exporting iCal links and Importing iCal Links)  Before you begin mapping, we recommend you have the following …

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Connect to Expedia from Zeevou

Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager Step1: Log in to the Expedia Partner Central. Step 2: Click on Rooms and Rates on the menu on the left. Step 3: Click on Connectivity Settings. Step 4: Click on Disconnect next to your old channel manager’s name. Step 5: You may be required to confirm a code sent …

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Connect to Agoda

Disconnecting Your Old Channel Manager Step 1: Log in to Agoda YCS. Step 2: Contact Agoda Support ([email protected]) to request disconnection from your old channel manager. Make sure to include your Agoda Property ID in the request. Connecting Agoda to Zeevou Step 1: Contact Agoda Support by email, phone or by raising a ticket through …

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Step 1: In Zeevou, go to Listings -> Properties and open the desired property in View Mode. Step 2: Look for the Channel Manager Config tab. Step 3: Click on Open and a new window opens. Note: If you are working with Safari, the new pop-up window might not open. Please follow the steps mentioned …

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Importing iCal Links

If you have an iCal link from a third party platform and need to reduce your availability at Zeevou, you can import an iCal link for either a Unit Type or Unit. NOTE: Importing an iCal link for a Unit Type will reduce availability for all units of this Unit Type. Importing an iCal link …

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Exporting iCal Links

In order to connect to a channel that doesn’t support API connection, you need to export  the calendar from Zeevou. It should be done via an iCal link. With iCal link, just the booking will be blocked in the calendar. You can connect to the channel in two levels, either Unit Type or Unit. To …

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