Finance in Booking View

Keep track of your finances with the Finance Tab in Booking View! Under the Finance Tab, you can view Price, Security Deposit, Guest Invoice, Expenses, Investor information and Payment Terms in separate cards. Price With Finance in Booking View, you can easily manage Price Breakdown, Collection Type, Cancellation Policy and more. If you click on …

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Details(tab)of Booking View

Under Details, you can view the information related to Arrivals and Departures, Location, Rental Agreement, Fees and Upsells, Booking Source, Internal Name (Optional), Attachments (Optional) and Related Bookings in separate cards.   Arrivals and Departures  In the Arrivals and Departures card, you can view the Arrival and Departure dates and the booking length. You can …

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Guests Tab of Booking View

Get to know your guests better with the Guests Tab of Booking View! The Guests tab includes Lead Guest and Additional Guests which can be verified and edited based on the Booking Confirmation Settings. Verifying Lead Guest Note that the first and last names of the Lead Guest will be collected by default. You cannot …

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Booking View page

You can land on the Booking View page by clicking on the booking row in the booking lists or clicking on the booking number. Each page includes Booking Summary in a separate card on the left, the Booking Actions on the right and four tabs of Details, Guests, Finance, and Operations. Booking Summary Each booking …

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Document Upload

You can add fields with custom descriptions to collect IDs from guests. To do so: 1- Go to General Info -> Person Booking and turn on Document Upload. Note: You can also go to Guest Info to turn it on for Lead Guest or Additional Guests (Adults/Children). 2- When you click on Add Item, a …

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Automated Messages

Automated Messages can be Booking Based (shown in purple) or Event Based (shown in green) depending on the type of message created.  Creating an Automated Message  Step 1:Login in Zeevou.app.com. Click on the gear icon on the right. A window pops up in which you can click on Automated Messages and then click on New …

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Create Upsells

Creating Upsells In order to create Upsells, go to Pricing -> Add-on Type -> Upsells. Then,  click on Create Upsell on the top right. Insert the required information shown with asterisks. You may specify the property and upload an image if you wish. Finally, click Save and Close. Upsells on Confirmation Page Guests can choose …

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Listings Landing Page Structure

There are eight major parts on the Listings landing page: 1. Create a Property If you click on Create a Property on the top right, you are redirected to Zeevou Hub to create a property. 2. Import Airbnb Listings 3. Overview There is a panel of Overview, including the number of Countries and Cities in …

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How to Access Zeevou’s Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox provides you with the opportunity to have all your communications in the Zeevou hub. You can read more about Zeevou’s Unified Inbox feature.  The Unified Inbox gives access to emails, SMS, and channel communications from one central login. You can open Zeevou’s Unified inbox now! Messages are arranged in folders, which include:  Inbox  …

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