Getting Started

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started after signing up. Begin by reading through this guide and you will be up and running in no time at all!

Refer a Friend

NOTE: A credit of 20 GBP will be applied to your account for every host who signs up as a Zeevou Partner through you. STEP 1: To help spread the love, you just need to log in to Zeevou, and on the top right, click on Account under the drop-down menu. STEP 2: Copy the …

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Automated Messages

Automated Messages can be Booking Based (shown in purple) or Event Based (shown in green) depending on the type of message created.  Creating an Automated Message  Step 1:Login in Zeevou.app.com. Click on the gear icon on the right. A window pops up in which you can click on Automated Messages and then click on New …

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Booking Confirmation Settings

Confirmation Page Settings allow you to: Customise the confirmation steps.  Specify whether a field should be mandatory or optional for guests.  Include or exclude your desired fields in the confirmation steps.  Customise your Marketing Consent settings.  Set different settings for Person Booking, Lead Guest, Additional Adults or Children.  Activate Upsells before the Payment page.  Customise …

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Booking Import Guide

Download a copy of the Booking Import template sheet . Notes on how to fill in the sheet: Make sure to format all the cells you fill in as text, rather than as numbers or dates or another type of format. Make sure your Property, Unit Type and Unit cell names all match fully with …

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List Import

List Import options let you import an excel file to your account, and the system will create single unit properties based on the details you have inserted in the file. Step 1: Download a copy of the List Import Template from here. Step 2: Use the dropdown option of the template to fill all the …

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Set your Rates

Rates will have been automatically set for you based on the Default Rate you set when you created the Unit Type. You can override these rates manually or import them from Beyond Pricing or PriceLabs. If you want to set specific rates for certain dates, go to Pricing -> Rates & Availability -> Rates. Creating …

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Import Existing Bookings

You can add your bookings either manually or follow the steps here to bulk import your bookings. NOTE: We will automatically import your existing future bookings from Airbnb and Booking.com, so you don’t need to add those yourself. If you have any current bookings or bookings that are due to arrive on the day we …

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Create a Unit

STEP 1: Once you have created the Unit Type, please go to the Unit Type in view mode, click on Unit and Add Unit or Bulk Create Unit. STEP 2: Add the unit name and click on Save in the lower right corner. Note: Add Unit helps you add a single unit, Bulk Create Unit …

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Create a Unit Type

STEP 1: Open the Property you created in View Mode and click on Unit Types , then create the Unit Types (e.g. 1-bedroom apartment) for that Property. You can’t use the same Unit Type name for more than one property – if you want to call them the same thing, add the property’s short name …

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Create a Property

STEP 1: To create a property, click on Listings -> Properties, then click on Create Property on the top right, then on One (in case you have one Unit Type and Unit in the property location) and follow the necessary steps. Naming Convention: Call your property which name you plan to call it on different …

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Import Listings from Airbnb

You can import listings from Airbnb directly instead of creating them manually. To do so, click on the Import Airbnb Listings button on the top right corner, and a window will open for you to paste the Airbnb URL/ID. Then, click on Import. Next, a wizard tab will appear. Although each listing will be imported automatically, …

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First Steps

STEP 1: Download and install Google Chrome. Please make sure to always use Zeevou on Chrome for the best performance. STEP 2: Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Organisation Configuration. Then, click on Create Brand. Initially, it is enough to only complete only the required fields marked with a red asterisk.   NOTE: The rest of …

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