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Getting Started

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started after signing up. Begin by reading through this guide and you will be up and running in no time at all!

Import Existing Bookings

– You may add your bookings either manually, or follow the steps here to bulk import your bookings. We will automatically import your existing future bookings from Airbnb and Booking.com, so you don’t need to add those yourself. If you have any current bookings or bookings that are due to arrive on the day we …

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Set up Automated Emails

In order to set up automated emails, please go to Settings – Email Templates and go through the Templates you are planning to use. We have many templates at your disposal and there are 4 or 5 main templates you can use as given here. At Trigger Rules please select the rules you would like …

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Create a Unit

Once created the Property and the Unit Type please go to Unit Types at view mode and scroll down to see Add Unit and Bulk Create Unit. Add Unit helps you add a single unit, Bulk Create Unit helps you create multiple units for the same Unit Type. If you are to create a single …

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Create a Unit Type

We suggest you choose a Short Name for each Property – perhaps the initial of the words, and adding that to the name of each unit type and unit within that property. This will allow you to distinguish unit types or units that may otherwise appear the same. To give you an example, you could …

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Create a Property

For single-unit properties, Zeevou will auto-generate the unit type and the unit for you when creating the property. If you rent out multiple units out at the same location, you will need to create the unit types and units manually after creating a property. Naming convention: Call your property which name you plan to call …

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This document serves both Zeevou Evangelists (free plan users) as well as Zeevou Patrons. By signing up as an Evangelist, you can list on the communal platform (Zeevou Direct) to receive direct bookings while retaining control of your business. You also get your very own website for free, where you can take bookings, add custom …

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Rates & Availability Calendar

In Calendar -> Rates & Availability Calendar, you have access to the list of your Properties, Unit Types, their Rate Plans, Rates, and availability. At the right bottom of the page, there is a guide that shows the Occupancy Level of your unit types. – The first line, in front of the Unit Type name, …

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Refer a Friend

When you sign up to Zeevou, you will be guided through the onboarding process with your Partner Success Manager until you feel fully comfortable with and in control of the system. They will help you make the best use of the system and will welcome any feedback you may have on how to further improve …

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Set your Rates

– If you want to set specific rates for certain dates, go to Rates-> Rates -> Create Rate. If you use a dynamic pricing tool such as Beyond Pricing or PriceLabs, make sure to hook it up to Zeevou at this point.

First Steps

Download and install Google Chrome. Please make sure to always use Zeevou on Chrome for best performance. As we release updates on an almost daily basis, you may experience slow loading speeds or no loading at times. Please install the Classic Cache Killer extension and turn it on and reload the page if you ever …

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