Linking to Other Apps

Are you trying to achieve some ultra-fancy automation? As much as we try to provide you with a feature-rich experience in Zeevou, we can’t cover everything ourselves, so we’ve partnered up with a bunch of other cool companies.

Link to Stripe

Please note that Stripe does not allow for security deposits to be pre-authorised for more than 7 days from the point of pre-authorisation. To help overcome this, we have developed an option to auto-capture and auto-refund funds to be held as a security deposit. This will allow you to keep a security deposit for bookings …

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Link to PayPal

Link to PayPal

Step 1: Visit Settings -> Organisation Configuration and select PayPal as your payment processing system(s). Step 2: Register with PayPal by following this link and complete your sign-up process to have a live account. Step 3: Log in to your PayPal account. Step 4: Click on my Apps and Credentials on the dashboard. Step 5: Click on the …

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Link to Sagepay

Step 1. Visit Settings -> Organisation Configuration and select your payment processing system(s). Step 2. Edit the relevant SagePay (Opayo) or Worldpay Online integration that you have decided to work with (if you are only using Worldpay as the merchant account, select SagePay). Step 3. Sign up with Opayo for their payment gateway and provide …

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Link to Worldpay

NOTE: At the moment, WorldPay Online doesn’t accept any new clients. There are two ways of integrating with Worldpay. We have a direct integration with Worldpay Online, and allow you to integrate with Worldpay Merchant services through SagePay (see options 1 and 2 below). 1. This is the easiest to use product that Worldpay offer, …

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Link to FirstData

Connect to FirstData by reading how to integrate with Opayo by Elavon – formerly Sage Pay – here. As Opayo by Elavon integrates with FirstData, you need to sign up with Opayo by Elavon and FirstData. Opayo by Elavon just acts as a bridge between Zeevou and the Merchant Service, and does not process the …

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Link to Elavon

Connect to Elavon by reading how to integrate with Opayo by Elavon – formerly Sage Pay – here. As Opayo by Elavon integrates with Elavon, you need to sign up with Opayo by Elavon and Elavon. Opayo by Elavon just acts as a bridge between Zeevou and the Merchant Service, and does not process the …

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Link to KeyNest

Step 1: Sign up with KeyNest by following this link. When checking out, enter the coupon code ZEEVOU50. This will give Zeevou customers 50% off the first month of their monthly subscription (with the option to cancel at any time). Integrating with KeyNest Step 2: Sign in to your Zeevou account, Step 3: Go to Integrations …

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Link to PriceLabs

Step 1: Sign up for PriceLabs and use (TMkEWR) to get $10 credits, or log in to your existing PriceLabs account. Step 2: Once logged in to your account, click on Add your listings.  Step 3: The button opens a popup that has different channels and  channel managers listed. Click on that and scroll to …

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Link to Beyond Pricing

Step 1: Sign up for BeyondPricing. Don’t link Airbnb or HomeAway when prompted following sign-up, instead follow Step 2. Step 2: Click on this link. Step 3: You will be asked for your Zeevou Username and Zeevou API key. Step 4: Go to Integrations -> Dynamic Pricing, and copy your username and API key. Step …

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Link to ClickSend

In order to send notifications through SMS to your guests or staff, you need to integrate to ClickSend: Step 1: In Integrations -> ClickSend, click on Create button. Step 2: Set the Title for your SMS Panel in the opened page. Step 3: Make sure you are filling the next three fields based on your …

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Link to Xero

Data Flow Diagram The below flow diagram represents the flow of data between Zeevou and Xero. Getting Started Linking with Xero Step 1: Sign up with Xero. Step 2: Log in to Zeevou Hub. Step 3: Under Integrations -> Integrations, click on Xero and click on Connect. Finally, Save and Close.   Step 4: Enter your Xero …

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Remotelock Logo


From the main menu click on Integrations  -> Integrations. Scroll to the RemoteLock box and click on Read more. Edit Label and save the page. After saving, click on edit, and again on this page click on the Connect button.   3. Your RemoteLock page will pop up in a new window. Please, login to …

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Link to TurnoverBnB

Step 1: Sign in to TurnoverBnB. Step 2: From the Dashboard, select Integrations -> Integrations. Step 3: On the Integrations screen, click Connect under Zeevou. Step 4: Once connected, this screen will appear. Click Grant to allow TurnoverBnB permission. Note: If you are not already logged into Zeevou, you will be prompted to do so …

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Link to Wix.com

You can connect your Wix website to Zeevou using iFrame. In order to find the iFrame, click on Marketing -> Setting-> Design Customisation. In Design Customisation, go to the Search Widget section and copy the iFrame. You can visit the Wix support page to get further information on how to imbed the iFrame in your …

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Link to WordPress

Go to Plugins in the WordPress admin panel, add a new plugin, and upload the plugin zip file. Activate the plugin from the WordPress admin panel. Update Settings based on what you need. You can choose Single City search and type the name of the city in settings or choose Multi-Search and let the user …

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Link to Google Analytics

Sign in to your Google Analytics account and copy the Tracking Code. If you do not have Google Analytics account, you may find below link helpful: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008015?hl=en In Marketing -> Design Customisation, paste the Tracking ID in Google Analytics Tracking Code box. Click on Save and Close button. This option provides you analytics on your …

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Link to Google Tag Manager

Step1: Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account. NOTE: If you do not have Google Tag manager account, you may find below link helpful:https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6103696?hl=en Step 2: In Marketing -> Design Customisation, paste Container ID in Google Tag Management ID box. Step 3: Click on Save and Close button.  


To connect with Zeevou, Follow the steps below: Step 1: Sign up for Rategiene or log in to your existing Rategenie account. Inside Rategenie, on the bottom left, navigate to the Integrations Page.   Step 2: On the integration page, click on the Connect button present in the Zeevou section. Step 3: Now click on …

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Step 1: Please go to https://www.revyoos.com/ and log in using your credentials. Step 2: Make sure you have added your Property. Step 3: Next, add your Reviews. Step 4: Choose a widget format of your choice to be displayed on your website. Step 5: Select your desired design, contents, and colour for the widget. Save …

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Link to VRScheduler

In order to connect VRScheduler to Zeevou, please contact VRScheduler’s support. support

Link to Signable

Step 1: Sign up with Signable (Use this link to sign up https://www.signable.co.uk/a/59439 and then read through this help article to help you with finding the API key: https://signable.help/where-do-i-find-my-api-key/. You will need this in the next step.) Step 2: Create a Template on Signable by uploading your Terms and Conditions, make a note of the …

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