Setting up your Website

Find out how to make the most of your direct booking website offered for free by Zeevou by following these steps.

Add a Menu Item

To create a menu item, visit Website -> Menu. Click on Create Menu Item. Under link, add the slug that you specified when creating the page, for example “/about”, or “/our-story”. You can order your menu by Weight. You can number your pages from 1 upward. If you have more than one brand you need …

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Add a Blog Post

To add a blog post, first visit Website -> Blog -> Create Blog. The date can be set to today’s date (creation date). This helps with SEO.  

WordPress Plugin instructions

Go to Plugins in the WordPress admin panel, add a new plugin, and upload the plugin zip file. Activate the plugin from the WordPress admin panel. Update Settings based on what you need. You can choose Single-City search and type the name of the city in settings or choose Multi-Search and let the user type …

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Find your Website URL

– Your website has been automatically generated for you, but it won’t look nice until you finish populating it. To find your URL, visit Settings -> Organisation Configuration and check the first subdomain on the list of acceptable domains on the right (eg

Edit a City Page

The images and description for the city page(s) are set in Listings -> Cities. Edit the city and enter the relevant information, then click on Save & Close. .

Edit a Country Page

The images and description for the country page(s) are set in Listings -> Countries. Edit the country and enter the relevant information, then click on Save & Close.

Edit a Property Page

The description for the property page(s) are set in Listings -> Properties. Edit the property and enter the brief and full descriptions. Add any images that relate to the Property as a whole. You can add images of individual units to the unit level. If it is a single unit property, you can add all …

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Add a Review

To add a review, visit Zeevou Show -> Reviews and click on Create Review. Enter the relevant details, and make sure to tick Approve if you want the review to show on the website.

Apply your Branding

Visit Settings -> Design Customisation and complete the fields to update the look of your direct booking website. To find the hex code for a given colour, you can use this link. A full guide on the fields is available here.  

Use a Custom Domain

– If you want to use a custom domain, add an A record with a value of (this is usually done in the DNS Zone/Management/Settings section of your registrar or the company managing your nameservers if you are using a custom nameserver other than your registrar’s). If you don’t know how to add an …

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Add a Page

To add a custom page, first visit Website -> Pages -> Create Page. The date can be set to today’s date (creation date). This helps with SEO. Creating a page does not display it on the menu. If you want it to show on the main menu, create a menu item. In the URL field …

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