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Use a Custom Domain

If you want to use a custom domain, in Settings -> Organisation Configuration -> Custom Domain field, insert the domain address and Save the page.
Please note that you need to insert the address without any “www” or “http(s)”.
After you save the page, the button Check DNS will appear next to the added domain.
Use a Custom Domain ZeevouClicking on Check DNS button, you can see whether your custom domain has been pointed to your Zeevou Domain or not.
If it is pointed, you will see a message that shows your domain has been successfully pointed to Zeevou and you can click on Ok.
Use a Custom Domain ZeevouIf the custom domain hasn’t been not pointed to your Zeevou address, you will see a different Notice message that explains the conditions needed to be met.
You need to add a CNAME record with a value of ‘zeevou.direct’ to the DNS management section of your domain and retry.Use a Custom Domain ZeevouTo double check whether your custom domain has been pointed successfully, you can open https://dnschecker.org/ and insert the address.Then choose CNAME, and click on Search button. The result should show zeevou.direct.
Use a Custom Domain Zeevou
Once the custom domain is pointed to zeevou.direct successfully, you will see a message.
In this step, if you refresh the page, the pending status will appear next to Custom Domain field.
Use a Custom Domain Zeevou
Once the raised hand on your behalf gets resolved, the pending status will automatically get updated and the verified status will appear.
This means your Zeevou domain has been redirected to your custom domain successfully.
Please note that resolving the hand for setting custom domain details may take up to one day.
Use a Custom Domain Zeevou



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