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WordPress Plugin instructions

Go to Plugins in the WordPress admin panel, add a new plugin, and upload the plugin zip file.

WordPress Plugin instructions- Zeevou

WordPress Plugin instructions- Zeevou

Activate the plugin from the WordPress admin panel.

WordPress Plugin instructions- Zeevou

Update Settings based on what you need.

  • You can choose Single-City search and type the name of the city in settings or choose Multi-Search and let the user type the city name.
  • The default number of accommodation nights is changeable in settings.
  • You can change border-radius, Alignment and the maximum width of the search widget.

WordPress Plugin instructions- Zeevou

Now you need to add the shortcode to a page and update it.

WordPress Plugin instructions- Zeevou

You can also add the shortcode inside HTML tags.

WordPress Plugin instructions- Zeevou




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