How can I have recurring invoices for long-term bookings?

For your long-term bookings, you may prefer to create monthly or weekly invoices.

Step 1: In Settings-> Organisation Configuration, under Invoice & Xero Configuration title, tick Enable Recurring Invoice box.

Step 2: Specify whether you would like to have recurring invoices on Monthly or Weekly bases.

Step 3: Choose whether you would like system to consider the First Day of  Month/Week or Start Day of Booking as the start day of monthly or weekly cycles.

Step 4: Click on Save button.
Step 5: After enabling the option in Organisation Configuration, you will have access to it in the booking view page under the Finance button.
Step 6. In booking page, click on Finance -> Recurring Invoice option.
Step 7: Scroll down to Recurring Invoices section and click on Update Breakdown. You will see the created invoices in this section.
NOTE: If any Add-on is added to the booking, you can click on Update Breakdown button to update the details.

NOTE: You can also find the recurrent invoices in Finances-> Invoices together with the invoice of the whole booking.
NOTE: When you open recurrent invoice page (either through the booking page or  Finances-> Guest Invoices), you can click on Post to Xero button to post the Completed invoice to Xero.

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