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How can I have split invoices for long-term bookings?

For your long-term bookings, you may prefer to create split invoices.

1. In Settings-> Organisation Configuration, under Invoice & Xero Configuration title, tick Enable Recurring Invoice box.

2. Specify whether you would like to have recurring invoices on Monthly or Weekly bases.

3.Choose whether you would like system to consider the First Day of  Month/Week or Start Day of Booking as the start day of monthly or weekly cycles.

4. Click on Save button.
How can I have split invoices for long bookings on Zeevou5. After enabling the option in Organisation Configuration, you will have access to it in the booking view page under the Finance button.
6. In booking page, click on Finance -> Recurring Invoice option.
7. The created invoices will be available in the booking page under Split Invoices.
Please note that if any Addon is added to the booking, you can click on Update Breakdown button to update the details.
How can I have split invoices for long bookings on Zeevou
8. You can also find the split invoices in Finances-> Guest Invoices together with the invoice of the whole booking.
9. When you open split invoice page (either through the booking page or  Finances-> Guest Invoices), you can click on Post to Xero button to post the Completed invoice to Xero.

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