How can I remove the blocked dates?

To remove the blocked dates and make your property available, there are two ways in app.zeevou.com:

 1. Go to Booking Calendar and click on Blocked Dates. A drawer opens in which you can click on Remove.

 2. Click on ToolBox Calendar and select View Blocked Date List. Then, click on three dots of your Blocked date and select Remove.

On the hub, go to Tasks -> Maintenance-> Blocked Dates. Find the property and make sure the blocked dates are the ones you want to delete. Then click on the three dots at the end of the row and Delete or Disable the blocked dates. The difference between deleting and disabling blocked-dates is in keeping the data. If you disable a blocked date, the data of the blocked date remains in blocked date index and you can enable it again, but if you delete it you can’t make it back. Also, disabling is used for iCal blocked dates.


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