How can I use Zeevou Plugin within WordPress ?

You can use  a WordPress Plugin to enable your guests to reserve a booking  on your own WordPress website.To do so, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to Plugin settings and click on Add New.Add new Plugin

Note: You can search for Zeevou on the bottom right corner of the page.


Step 2: Click on the Install and then Activate button.

Zeevou Plugin within WordPress


Step 3: When the Zeevou Plugin is installed, it appears on the left column. When you click on it, a page opens in which you should insert your Zeevou website URL and Zeevou Hub’s Username and Password and click Connect.

Install Zeevou plugin in wordpress

insert Zeevou website URL


Step 4: When Zeevou is Connected, go to Instructions to select the desired Widget Shortcodes to be shown on your website (property) page and click on Save Changes.Zeevou Plugin within WordPress Configuration

Note:  When Search Widget Shortcode is set, the guest will be redirected to Zeevou website for booking. However, when Property Search Widget Shortcode is set, the guest can reserve a booking on your own site as well.

Step 5: Then, click on Pages to see the list of your property pages and choose one of them to be updated.

Zeevou Plugin within WordPress create pages


Step 6: When the property page opens, you can select from the Brands and Properties lists on the right drop-down and then specify the desired Widget Shortcodes.


Zeevou Plugin within WordPress


Step 7: Click on Update on the top right corner to see the changes on your Plugin page, as shown  below.

Zeevou Plugin within WordPress Configurations

Note: For homepage, you should just put the home search widget shortcode. This works if you want  your guests to reserve a booking from your website’s homepage by clicking on the Search button.Test Zeevou Plugin within WordPress

Your guests will then be redirected to the search result page of your Zeevou website.:

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