How do the automated payments in Zeevou work?

Once you complete the integration with your payment gateway, each time a booking comes in, Zeevou will check whether the OTA has informed us or not whether payment has been taken. If the OTA has already collected payment, the booking gets marked as Channel Collect. If not, it gets marked as Hotel Collect.

If a booking is Channel Collect, a credit memo gets added to the booking, and the booking displays a “Credit” status under the payment field. You will also see the credit memo in the booking itself if you open the Booking View mode. Once you get paid by the channel, open the booking, click on Finance -> Log Payment. Once payment is logged, the credit memo is removed. If a booking is marked as Credit, then that guest will not be asked for payment.

If a booking is Hotel Collect, the guest will be asked for payment as part of the Booking Confirmation Steps.

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