How does Mid-stay Housekeeping number work?

Set the frequency of cleaning a property while guests stay for longer periods. You can go to Organisation Configuration in Zeevou Hub or https://app.zeevou.com/task-list/housekeeping and click on Settings in Zeevou App and set the Mid-Stay Housekeeping frequency. If you select zero as your default number of nights, it means this feature will remain inactive for you. If you select any number more than zero, it means that the system will create the correct number of tasks and space these out evenly throughout the stay. For example, if you select 7, it means per every 7 days, there will be 1 mid-stay housekeeping and if they book 15 days, there will be 2 mid-stay housekeeping: on the 5th and the 10th day.

Note: You can override this at the property level for specific properties.

Introducing Mid-Stay Housekeeping on Zeevou

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Set your Mid-Stay Housekeeping frequency in Zeevou Hub

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