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How does the integration with Signable work?

Make sure you have exactly set your Signable login details and Template Title in Organisation Configuration/ Signable account. If you would like Signable envelopes get sent automatically, please check whether the plan you are choosing supports API&Webhooks. If your present plan does not support API&Webhooks, you can upgrade your plan in your Signable account.

Once you complete the integration with Signable, Zeevou will automatically trigger Signable to send out the selected template each time a new booking comes in. If you wish to collect ID, you need to add an upload field in the template you create in Signable requesting the guest to upload their ID.

Once the guest gets the email from Signable, they will be requested to digitally sign your terms and conditions and upload their ID. Once this is done, Zeevou will update the “Signed” field in Today’s Check-ins to “Yes” and Signable will send you an email to notify you too. You can then log in to Signable and check the template for the signature and their ID. If you are happy with everything, you can then verify the guest in Zeevou. This can be done either on the Booking View page, or the Guest Profile page, or in Today’s Check-ins report.

You can customize the time Signable is triggered in Settings>Organisation Configuration> Signable Account details.

Please note that the condition you set for sending the Signable envelope affects all your bookings.

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System considers each choice as it should include all its above choices.
That is, for example, if you set Signable to be sent After Guest Information Confirmed, system won’t sent it unless the booking confirmation email is sent and guest information is confirmed.  Also, If you set Signable to be sent After Payment Paid, system won’t sent it unless the booking confirmation email is sent and guest information is confirmed and payment is paid.

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