How to Add Captions to your Property Images in Zeevou?

You have probably seen photo captions on Booking.com. This option can be essential for those properties that have multiple lettable units inside them.

In order to write captions for your images, you need to upload your professional images either at the property or the unit level firstly. Each image should not exceed 10 MB and the size of the attachments of property should not exceed 70 MB.Then, you need to click on the Edit button. Once you scroll down to the image section, you can see two items under each picture: remove image/ add caption.

How to Add Captions to your Property Images in Zeevou

Once you click on add caption, a new window pops up where you can add your caption and save it.

Note 1: Please do not forget to save and close the unit/property level in the end.

Note 2: Your comment should not exceed 300 characters.

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