How to Upgrade Zeevou’s Free plan?

In order to upgrade your plan, you can log in to either app.zeevou.com or Zeevou.hub.

When you log in to app.zeevou.com , click on your login name on the top right corner of the page, and on Account.

As a Free user, you are using the Spark Plan. You can upgrade your plan to Blaze or Glow by clicking on the Upgrade Plan button under the Licences tab.

In the opened page, select your desired Zeevou Plan, the payment term (Annual or Monthly) and the number of licences to be purchased. Finally, click on the Apply and Pay.


Then, you will be redirected to the payment page where you can pay by Saved Card or New Card.

Note: If you select a New Card, you should insert your card information to Pay.


You can see your created plan and its detailed status under the Invoices tab. If you click on the three dots, you can select Pay or View the invoice.


When you  log in to Zeevou, click on your login name on the top right of the page, and then click on Account.

As a Free user, you are using the Spark Plan. You can upgrade your plan to Blaze or Glow by clicking on the Contract Lines and then on the Buy Licence button.

In the opened page, you should select your desired Zeevou Plan that can be either a Monthly Commitment or an Annual Commitment. Then, please choose the number of licences you would like to purchase per Entire Places and/or per Rooms.

  • Entire Places’ examples are Apartment, Suite, Studio, etc. that refer to the Entire Place.
  • Rooms’ examples are Single, Double, Dormitory, etc. that refer to Private or Shared Rooms.

More details can be found:

  • Total Number of Licences shows the number of licenses you have access to.
  • Number of Licences Used
  • Number of Licences Available
  • Current Price per Month shows the amount you are paying for your current licences.
  • Number of Licences to Be Purchased
  • Additional Price per Month shows the amount that will be added to your current commitments.
  • Unit Price
  • Amount to be paid for future billing month shows the sum of Current Price Per Month and Additional Price Per Month.
  • Amount to be paid for current billing month shows the amount you are going to pay as your first invoice for the purchased licences.

Finally, you need to click on the Upgrade button to see the payment page and complete the process.

In Zeevou Payment page, you can download the PDF invoice for your first payment by clicking on the word “here.” In addition, you need to insert your personal details such as your First Name, Last Name, Address, Postcode, City, and Country. Then, you can set details of your credit card to pay for the purchased licences.

If the payment is done successfully, when you reopen or refresh your contract page, you can see the updated details of your contract. Your Zeevou Plan should show either Annual or Monthly Commitment and your invoice is shown as Paid.

In addition, in the same page, if you click on your name in the Customer field, you can see the Credit of your account. Please note that your Credit would show zero, only if you have paid for your purchased licences in Zeevou.

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