What is happening to my raised Hand?

When you raise a hand in Zeevou, the support team tries to check and reply to the hand on the same day it is raised. However, checking all details may take us more than one day.
When we reply to a hand, if we consider it as resolved, we will set the status Resolved based on our internal procedures. Admin can reply to our reply and reopen the Hand.
Sometimes, it had happened that for no recognised reason, when admins reply, their hands do not get reopened. In such cases, they need to raise a new hand and inform us of the issue and mention the Hand ID that was not re-opened.
If the status of a Hand shows In Progress, it means checking the details and making modifications need more technical considerations. In such cases, depending on the issue, it may take us some time to be able to fix the issue and make it available for the user.

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