How to remove an add-on from invoice?

If you want to delete an add-on from the invoice, you should take the following steps: Go to Booking view page, Scroll down to Add-on Section, Click on the three dots at the end of the row Click on the trash bin. The Add on will be deleted from the invoice.

How can I verify guest ID?

Id verification is not automatically done in Zeevou. This step is there so that you can make sure all the gathered information (the signature or the ID) is correct. When everything is approved, you should go to the Guest Verification section in Booking view page and click on the red thumb and make it green. …

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What does Scheduled for Cancellation do?

Scheduled for Cancellation allows you to resell the night and keep track of which bookings you still need to cancel on the OTA. You can find to the list of the bookings scheduled for cancellation in Bookings -> Scheduled for Cancellation

What is Payment Reminder notification?

In the booking view page, if the booking is unpaid, you can click on Finance button and choose Payment Reminder option. In the opened pop up, you can set the date of the reminder and add a description for it. You have access to the list of payment reminders from the Menu->Finances-> Payment Reminders.  

How can I set up add-ons?

In Rates/Add-ons, you can create different Add-ons as you wish. There, you need to choose a name, determine its Type, and Price (Fixed or Percentage). Then, by filling Default Sales and Purchase Price fields, you can set the price you have purchased it (say the add-on is Breakfast) and the Price you are going to …

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How to breakdown the total price of a booking?

In booking view page, click on Finance button and choose Generate Partial Payment Link. In the opened pop up, once you enter your preferred amount, the new payment link gets generated. You can Copy or Send the link to the guest.  

How to activate Messaging API?

Some channels (such as Airbnb) support Messaging API that let hosts and guests send messages to each other. In Zeevou, you can activate the related option to be able to see the guest messages in property or booking page and reply to them within Zeevou. Hosts’ replies to the guests will be displayed in the …

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Why I cannot save my preferred timing for Booking Config?

In Settings -> Organisation Configuration, under Booking Config, you need to make sure the time you enter in the fields follow bellow order:earliest possible <earliest free <latest free <latest possiblePlease note that time 23:00:00, 23:30, 23:59 is considered the last hours of a day, while 00:00:00, and 00:30:00 are considered the beginning hours of a day.

How can I capture security deposit?

In order to capture security deposit, go to booking view page, click on Finance and choose Capture Security Deposit. Then enter the amount you want to capture and confirm.    

How do I know if Signable has sent T&C to the guest?

Go to Booking View page (Bookings-> click on the name of the guest), and go to the Geust Verification section. If in front of Terms and Conditions it is written Created, it means Signable has already sent the terms and conditions.

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