What are short-term rentals?

Short-term rentals, also known by the name vacation rentals, short-term lets, holiday lets, and etc. are a type of serviced accommodation that are for the guests who want to stay in an area for a short period of time, for instance, a weekend, a week, or even a whole month. Short-term rentals are used for …

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What does self check-in mean?

There are mostly two ways for a guest to check-in. The first one is when the host meets them in person and hands them the key, which is called meet and greet. The second one is contactless or self check-in. In a self-check-in method, the guests can get the key and access the serviced accommodation …

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What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing, also known by the names time-based pricing or demand pricing, is a method for setting prices based on current market demand. If you own or manage short-term rentals, it is very important not to use fixed rates. Why? Because if you want to maximise your profits and fill your property(ies) all year round, …

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What is a PMS (Property Management System)?

A PMS is a software designed to enable property managers to handle the operations of their hospitality business, thus facilitating check-ins and check-outs, administrative tasks, operations and channel management, booking processing, marketing, etc.

What is an aparthotel?

An aparthotel or a serviced apartment is mostly a luxury, fully furnished apartment for guests who seek accommodation for short- to mid-term stays. The main difference between a hotel and an aparthotel is the privacy and the feeling of home away from home they give to their temporary residents. Therefore, during the last years, travellers …

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What is a channel manager?

A channel manager is a tool that helps you push your rates and availably to different channels and OTAs you work with. Some channel managers offer 2-way API integrations. However, others use iCals to sync your data across different channels.

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