Why can’t I see my previous Rates and Availability logs?

After a month, all rates are archived in order to enhance the performance and speed.  You are able to view the archived rates in Pricing -> Rates & Availability /Archived Rate. In addition, to enhance the system performance, availability logs aren’t available after one month.

How can I block dates on my availability calendar?

In order to block certain dates on your calendar go to Calendar -> Blocked Dates -> Create Blocked Dates Choose the property/unit and set the dates and time. You can add a reason for your future reference.  

How far in advance does Zeevou open up the calendars on OTAs?

Zeevou sends 720 days of update in terms of availability & rates to channels. However, each OTA accepts updates on a different basis. Most of the OTAs accept 365 days of availability, but some OTAs like Expedia, Booking.com & Airbnb support 500 days of updates.

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