How can I create Refunds?

In order to create a refund for a payment, go to the booking and click on either Finance -> Refund or click on + Refund under the Guest Refund tab. Then, a window pops up to create either Compensation Refund or Overpayment Refund. Compensation Refund (which edits the invoice, the amount due from the guest, …

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How can I create payment term?

As a host, you can set conditions for the payment of the bookings which are created, added, or  edited by allocating instalments to them.To do so, you should create a Payment Term first. Then you may manage it by editing the terms. Create Payment Term Step 1: Go to Finances -> Guest Payments -> Payment …

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How can I differentiate Add-Ons?

There are four Add-On reference types: 1- Channel Add-Ons:  If the add-on is automatically created according to your rate plan on your website or received from channels, it will be listed as Channel Add-ons. 2- Admin (Rate Plan) Add-Ons: If a booking has been created manually and its add-on comes from a rate plan, it’s …

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How can I add an expense?

In order to create an expense in Zeevou, you need to define your Expense Types first. For example, electricity, WIFI, gardening, etc. Step 1: Go to Setting->Finance -> Expense Type Step 2:  Click on Create Expenses Type. Step 3: Choose the name of the Expense Type. Step 4: Keep the Deal Element as Expenses. Step …

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In what order the payments are allocated?

When you log a payment for a guest who has several unpaid bookings, the payments will automatically get allocated in order of guests’ arrivals. To log a payment for the guest, in Contacts-> Guests -> Individuals, choose the guest and click on +Payment button at the top right of the page.

What are the Statuses of Security Deposit in Zeevou

There are seven main statuses for security deposits: Not-Authorised, Not Applicable, Guaranteed by Channel, Authorised, Released, Charged, and Partially Charged.   Not-Authorised is shown when the deposit has not been authorised. Guests may not have attempted to authorise the deposit or their attempts have not been successful. Not-Authorised (Saved Card): Save Card means the system …

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How to remove an add-on from invoice?

If you want to delete an add-on from the invoice, you should take the following steps: Step 1: Go to Booking view page, Step 2: Scroll down to Add-on Section, Step 3: Click on three dots at the end of the row and  click on Disapprove.    

How can I disconnect from Xero?

Under Integrations, scroll to Xero and click on Disconnect from Xero. You will see the red button turn to a green Connect to Xero button once successful.  

How to breakdown the total price of a booking?

In the Booking view page, click on the Finance button and choose the Generate Partial Payment Link. In the opened pop up, once you enter your preferred amount, the new payment link gets generated. You can Copy or Send the link to the guest.  

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