What is Guidebook URL?

In the Edit mode of Property and Booking, there is a field called Guidebook URL. You can set a URL in this field and use it in API Calls. This field is also available in Inbox-> Templates through the below entities: Booking Guidebook URL: {{ entity.guidebookUrl }} Property Guidebook URL: {{ entity.property.guidebookUrl }} Note: In …

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How can I set when the Signable email is sent?

Log into app.zeevou.com and click on the settings gear icon and select Preferences. Then, you will be redirected to your Organisation Configuration. Scroll down to Signable Account. You can choose when you want the email to be sent by choosing from the dropdown “Send Signable After.”  

How do I know if Signable has sent T&C to the guest?

Go to Booking View page (Bookings-> click on the name of the guest), and go to the Guest Verification section. If it is written Created in front of Terms and Conditions, it means Signable has already sent the terms and conditions.

How can I change my Signable template?

If you would like to make any modifications to your Signable Template, please make the changes in your Signable account to the template and then copy/paste the exact name of the modified template under settings gear >Preferences/Organisation Configuration/Signable Template title.

How can I disconnect from Xero?

Under Integrations, scroll to Xero and click on Disconnect from Xero. You will see the red button turn to a green Connect to Xero button once successful.  

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