How can I finalise a booking?

When you finalise a booking, the status is set to Finalised, the security deposit is released, the invoice is marked as Completed and is posted it to your accounting software like Xero if you have connected one. As of this point, the booking becomes uneditable. To finalise a booking, follow the steps below: Step 1: …

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How can I install housekeeping mobile app?

Note: please open this page on your mobile phone and then proceed. For Android: You can install the housekeeping mobile app for Android from Google Play. You can create a username and password for your housekeeper in Contacts-> Staff -> Profiles -> Create Staff. For iPhone: Step 1: Please download the app from App Store.

How do I inform housekeepers of their cleans?

Visit Contacts-> Staff -> Profiles, and create a profile for each housekeeper by clicking on Create Staff. Then open the properties that they are meant to clean one by one, and assign them as a housekeeper. Share the login details that you set for them with them, and ask them to log in to hub.zeevou.com.

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