Why can’t I see my previous Rates and Availability logs?

After a month, all rates are archived in order to enhance the performance and speed.  You are able to view the archived rates in Pricing -> Rates & Availability /Archived Rate. In addition, to enhance the system performance, availability logs aren’t available after one month.

How to remove an add-on from invoice?

If you want to delete an add-on from the invoice, you should take the following steps: Step 1: Go to Booking view page, Step 2: Scroll down to Add-on Section, Step 3: Click on three dots at the end of the row and  click on Disapprove.    

How can I block dates on my availability calendar?

In order to block certain dates on your calendar go to Calendar -> Blocked Dates -> Create Blocked Dates Choose the property/unit and set the dates and time. You can add a reason for your future reference.  

How can I remove the imported iCal link?

Go to Tasks-> Maintenance -> Blocked Dates, click on Manage Calendar Import button. In the opened page, choose your preferred imported option and click on Edit button. Remove the tick from Active iCal Import box and save the page.

How can I set up add-ons?

You can charge your guests for services or products with Add-ons. The add-on type creates a default price for the add-ons. You need to open the unit type and create add-ons in the rate plan. There you can add different sales and purchase prices to the rate plans.  If you add the add-ons to the …

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How do I create a promotion, discount or voucher code for the direct booking engine on my website?

Firstly, you need to create a promotion. Go to Pricing-> Promotions, and then click on the Create Promotion button on the top right-hand corner. On the page that opens, fill the Name field with a name of your choice. If you would like to apply this promotion in conjunction with other discounts, tick the Apply On …

How do I create a promotion, discount or voucher code for the direct booking engine on my website? Read More »

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