Why can’t I finalise the mapping with Booking.com?

If you are getting the below error message, you may not have reached step 3 yet on Booking.com’s process of connecting to a channel manager. Please initiate the connection on Booking.com as per the instructions provided before attempting the steps on Zeevou’s side.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is HyI6DBG2l8iETL-kkLhe6WMT17Fgqc40UPF4w-S6t2oXS2gRfW9eQc94As-pVl1b2uu9R8TCPa4yVW49jSHAS0cUK2HQkJJMJM29sp1Nbo2trFXh0Cv8ZgR2S9KNEmAgj2Kf4zOe

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