Access Dynamic Rates through Zeevou

Smart pricing is an important success pillar in short stays accommodations management. Zeevou offers you a very exciting opportunity to receive dynamic rates for your rate plans and apply them within a minimum and maximum preferred rate boundary, for the coming 30 days in your calendar.

In order to activate and use this option please go to Listings -> Unit Types > Dynamic Pricing. Please Enable the Dynamic Pricing toggle and set the Min Rate and Max Rate and the Rate Plan you want the dynamic rates to apply to. Please note that the selected rate plan’ currency should be the same as the currency set in the Unit Type settings.

Dynamic Pricing just pulls nightly rates. So, you can only select the nightly rate plan types under Dynamic Pricing.

Access Dynamic Rates through Zeevou

And save.

Access Dynamic Rates through Zeevou


This option will enable price predictions for a rolling period of 30 days through PriceLabs. You can check the dynamic rates received under Rate & Availability Calendar.

Access Dynamic Rates through Zeevou


After the next 30 days, the rates set in Zeevou will be populated in the rate and availability calendar.

If you subscribe to PriceLabs and connect Zeevou to it, after receiving the first API rated ( even the free trial) this free integration will be disconnected automatically





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